Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mister X and Mojito

They have arrived and they turned out to be beyond my expectations.
:) Some mothers on the TBW wrote that Mister X reminds them Lena from Didymos, which has been discontinued. In this case the fans of Lena have a chance to enjou the fabourite colors in a new perspective.

I like the outcome of Mojito more than the actual design. And it looks like many other people did. Due to a large number of pre-order and the Russian coop almost all Mojito's have been sold out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Babywearing Dolls- ondeweg!

Ze zijn onderweg! Mooie, traditionele, Babywearing Dolls uit Peru!

Volledig handgemaakt van natuurlijke materialen. Ik weet niet of het een cadeau meer voor mama of voor een dochter is. :) Waarschijnlijk voor beide!

Dus mama's van meisjes, houd de site van SlingoMama in de gaten!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

International Babywearing Week in Nederland

Ja, ja, in Nederland wordt deze ook gevierd. Wil je heel veel draagmama's zien? Wil je verschillende draagdoeken en draagsystemen zien? Dan ben ze zeker welkom op zondarg, 16 november in Utrecht!

Flupke van Lilababy, Hathor van SlingoMama, Petra van Voedingskleding, Sabina van Babywearing Center zijn er ook!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Silk Cashimere Ellipsen race at Didymos

Didymos Silk Indio and Silk Cashimere Ellipsen (CSE) have arrived today to SlingoMama. CSE deserves the first prize among the soft and thin baby wraps.

And Silk Indio has already gained its high sores from the previous silk edition.

We have only a couple of each wrap on stock, so let's see who is lucky! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mister X and Mojito Exclusive Girasols

After a long period of collecting designs and voting we have selected our first exclusive Girasols

SlingoMama is proud to take these wonderful desings into producton!

Mister X

Created by Lilababy


Created by Kiek a Kiddo

The first batch of wraps is expected in November. Pre-order is open utnil 15 oktober.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News from Mamaponcho

The cold season is coming and the big concern of stylish babywaring mama's is how to wear the baby in winter and still look attractive. No worries! The beautiful Mamaponcho's and Mamajacket are with us during this season as well!

The new arrivals at SlingoMama: Mamaponcho with arm openings and arms. It's not only very elegant, but also very practical. SlingoMama has all the popular colors and sizes on stock!

Our customers are very happy with the Mamajacket! We have received many wonderful remakrs about the high quality of Mamajacket and it's outstanding design.

Mamajacket is a wonderful solution for the pregnancy outwear and can be used right after the baby is born.

Lot's of mama's appreciate that even when the babywearing time has passed, they still can wear the stylish Mamajacket.

Mamajacket has 2 insert: the Pregnancy Insert and the Baby Insert. However, it's possible to buy it with just one Baby Insert.

2 rounds voting for Girasol Exclusive

Thanks to the creative Dutch mama's we have received 137 designs for the Exclusive Girasol. I'm very sure that the voting for 10 designs has not been an easy process. Finally, the top 13 have been selected for the 2nd round of voting.

Today is the last day of voting and in the evening the designs which will go into prodution will be announced!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vote for the new Girasol Exclusive for !!!

Vote for the new Exclusive Girasol of SlingoMama!

If you know a forum, blog, message board, newsgroup devoted to babywearing, please feel free to pass the link to the poll.

Voting guidlines:

- 2 voting attempts from each IP addres (so that your dear husbands also can give their opinion);
- it's possible to vote for 10 designs maximum in each voting attempt.

* * * * * * * *

Stem voor de nieuwe Girasol Exclusive van SlingoMama! T/m 14 september, 2008

Ken je een forum, blog, message board, of nieuwsgroep met de aandacht voor het babydragen en draagdoeken? Je bent welkom om de link hier naar toe door te geven.


- je kunt 2 keer stemmen van een IP adres (zodat jullie mannen ook mogen stemmen);
- elke keer kun je voor maximaal 10 ontwerpen stemmen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LANA baby wrap

I'm glad I have finally decided to take the LANA baby wraps into my winkel. The LANA wraps are just perfect. No wonder that Switzerland is known for the quality of its products.

They have arrived this week and I somehow knew which color would be the first to go.. and it has really been the first to go (not considering the pre-orders). LANA Edelweiss.

This weekend we have been planning a foto session for LANAs and the rest of te Girasols, and now it's going to happen without Edelweiss.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Zindelijkheids Communicatie workshops bij SlingoMama

Vanaf september 2008 geeft SlingoMama de BZC Workshops.

"Babies zijn slimmer dan we denken. De grootste fout die we maken, is denken dat een pasgeboren baby niet doorheeft dat hij moet plassen of peopen."

"En normale, gezonde baby is zich wel degelijk bewust van zijn lichaamsfuncties bij het peopen en plassen, en kan hier al van baby af aan op reageren. Als we luiers gebruiken, conditioneren we babies om dit gewoon te vinden. Later moet een peuter het gebruik van luiers weer afleren. Dit kan voor het kind een verwarrende en traumatische ervaring zijn".

Laruie Boucke

BZC workshop inhoud

Wij streven naar het ontwikkelen van onze natuurlijke moederintuitie en het begrijpen van de behoeftes van onze babies. In kleine groepjes bespreken wij de principes van BZC en alle praktische zaken rondom de luiervrije opvoeding.

Sommige onderwerpen die aan bod komen:

1. Invloed van de zwangerschap en bevalling op de BZC.
2. Samnehang van het dragen en BZC.
3. Samenhang van de borstvoeding en BZC.
4. De rol van de moeder en de verwachtingen.
5. Ritmes en signalen. 6. Met een luiervrije baby naar buiten.
7. Samen slapen met je luiervrije baby en BZC tijdens de nacht.8. BZC kleding.
9. "Klein aapje" vanaf 3 maanden.

Moeders komen samen met de babies. De vervolg meeting wordt op afspraak gemaakt.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Girasol Exclusive for SlingoMama

Just a few days left until the end of the call for design for our own exclusive Girasol! We have received many beautiful designs and the voting should be lots of fun.

Meanwhile, with the help of some experts I have managed to consider the influnece of the weft on the colors. Some examples:

Light yellow weft

Black weft

Red weft

Turquoise weft

Thursday, August 21, 2008

How do they look and how do they feel?

Have you noticed that most of the traditional dolls do not have a well defined face features. In some cultures the dolls did not have face features at all? These are the traditional Russian dolls.

These dolls were not hard to make and very often they were made from the old worn pieces of clothes and not because of poverty and unavailability of better materials, but because people believed that the worn old clothes of family members contained pretective energy and would serve as amulets for their young children.

They do not have eyes, mouths and nose but every doll has her own identity, her unique character. Every doll was assigned her own role. For example, the doll which had a role of an old grandmother could never be made from pink colored pieces of cloth. This color was only for young girls. The doll which as been given a role of a mother or married woman had to be different from the doll with the role of young unmarried woman.

The simplicity of making these dolls is proportional to the complexity of their meaning. They reflected the human perception of the world. The dolls which have been made in the shape of a corss, pointed into the four directions of our world. The dolls which were tied around their waist and neck represented the tripple perception of the world: heaven, earth and underground.

The way the traditional dolls were made and dressed give us an idea about their places of origin. Just as the traditional clothes of people from the different regions were different, so were the dolls from different regions.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The dolls have been playing a very special role in many cultures since the beginning of the human existence. They have been used in rituals and ceremonies, they were made to become symbol and amulets, and the most important is that they have always been a one of the most valued toys for children.

The dolls are the reflection of humans and especially for children they become the first attempts to discover their identity by playing with dolls and assigning them human roles. Little girls of just 2 years assign a role of a baby to a doll and like to wrap it in the piece of cloth, just like mama did when they were babies. Later they imitate dresses and gowns by wrapping their dolls in colourful pieces of fabrics.

One can go on and on describing how children play with dolls. However, let's turn to the subject of babywearing. This is big issue in the relationship of mother and child has been transferred into the world of dolls and here they are the Babywearing Dolls.