Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girasol Drop

Girasol Drop is the most unusual of our exclusives. When we posted the swatch of the future wrap, most people wrote that the color combination looks strange, unusual and they don't know what to think about it. Honestly, I also did not know what to expect even though I was sure it would be a unique wrap.

And the result is great! Girasol Drop is the next popular SlingoMama exclusive after Symphuo and Donau.

About all Exclusive Girasols in one place

Ola from Poland has started a very interesting project - a blog about all Exclusive Girasols. She publishes lots of interesting information about Exclusive Girasols, their owners. There you can read about SlingoMama Exclusive Girasols as well.

Ola has collected amazing information and foto's from the owners of - Camilla and Gerhard. You can see fotot's from 1980's of Camilla and Gerhard, and of people from Guatemala, who weave Girasol wraps.

Babywearing squirrel

The squirrel moves her newborn from one place to another.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Girasol Betula

Girasol Betula has arrived - and she does look like real Betula tree! Just like Betula tree at our neighbour's house, in from of my office window. Green and fresh.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Didymos Nino Tussah Natural

Better late than never! Didymos Nino Tussah Natural is available at SlingoMama web store. Limited quantities as usual.

Tussah silk is also called wild silk. It is darker than the cultivated silk, also known as mulberry silk. The reason of such dark color is the diet of the worms. They live in their natural conditions in the forests of China and eat leaves of Arjun, Asan and Oak trees.

The fibers of Tussah silk are shorter and stronger than the fibers of the cultivated silk. It feels less "silky" as well.

The new edition of Nino with Tussah silk is amazing due to the contrast of white cotton and coffee-creme silk.