Monday, December 17, 2012

Vatanai Whales Denim Blue

The Vatanai Whales Denim Blue - made  100% cotton. This is a very thick Vatanai wrap. Forget that Vatanai's have always been considered thin summer wraps. This whales is totally different: thick and heavy, very toddle proof but still flexible enough for a newborn. I love how it feels with my 2-months baby girl.

The color of the Vatanai Whales Denim Blue is denim, blue and sort of red-dark orange-brown-brick. The last one is really tricky to catch on the photo. I have done my best!

I don't think it will require a lot of work to break it in, though it's not really butter soft right out of the box. It feels hard, but the yarns and the type of weave give an impression that it will soften en fluff up after washing.

On our Facebook page someone noted that the reverse side looks rather pale. Indeed, it's rather contrasting to the right side, but I'd say that it looks dusty, as if covered with the star dust.

And this is the image we have received from the Vatanai itself. The colors are not really correct, even totally uncorrect, I'd say!