Monday, December 17, 2012

Vatanai Whales Denim Blue

The Vatanai Whales Denim Blue - made  100% cotton. This is a very thick Vatanai wrap. Forget that Vatanai's have always been considered thin summer wraps. This whales is totally different: thick and heavy, very toddle proof but still flexible enough for a newborn. I love how it feels with my 2-months baby girl.

The color of the Vatanai Whales Denim Blue is denim, blue and sort of red-dark orange-brown-brick. The last one is really tricky to catch on the photo. I have done my best!

I don't think it will require a lot of work to break it in, though it's not really butter soft right out of the box. It feels hard, but the yarns and the type of weave give an impression that it will soften en fluff up after washing.

On our Facebook page someone noted that the reverse side looks rather pale. Indeed, it's rather contrasting to the right side, but I'd say that it looks dusty, as if covered with the star dust.

And this is the image we have received from the Vatanai itself. The colors are not really correct, even totally uncorrect, I'd say!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Didymos India Hanf Natur unboxing

Didymos India Hanf Natur is made from 50% organic cotton and 50% hemp. The weight of the wrap is 310 gr/m2. This is the heaviest wrap Didymos has made so far. The wrap feels very heavy and thick. It will probably take quite some work to break it in and the wrap will be not easy to handle in the beginning. For this reason such wraps are recommended for experienced babywearers.

The color of the wrap is natural white.

And some more beautiful images from the photographer  Nataly Dauer, Denmark

Friday, November 23, 2012

Didymos 1975 Azur-Wolle unboxing

Didymos 1975 Azur-Wolle is made from 60% organic cotton and 40% wool. The weight of the wrap is 185 gr/m2 which means that the wrap has medium thickness. It feels incredibly soft and warm right from the box. The first impression is that the wrap should be very moldable and easy to handle. The high percentage of wool will make it a warm and cozy wrap for the coming cold season. Washing and wearing should fluff the wool up.

The wrap has a deep dark blue warp and off-white weft.

Didymos 1975 Cashmere Viola Tussah unboxing

Didymos 1975 Cashmere Viola Tussah is made from 65% organic cotton, 25% cashmere and 10% tussah silk. This is the first Old Standard in such luxurious blend. The weight of the wrap is 190 gr/m2. This would make it a wrap with a medium thickness. The wrap feels soft right from the box. The cashmere part should fluff up after washing and wearing.

The color of the cotton warp is deep viola. The weft goes as 2 separate threads: light beige tussah silk and natural cashmere.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Didymos 1975 Gold with wool unboxing

Didymos Old Standard 1975 Gold with wool is made from 50 % cotton , 25% alpaca and 25% wool. The weight of the wrap is 255 gr/m2 which makes it a rather thick and heavy wrap. Size 6 hardly fits into the box and the cover of size 7 simply falls off. Right out of the box the wrap is hard and a bit scratchy. A proper wash on a gentle wool/silk program will tame the scratchy yarns and make it a wonderful heavy and wrap wrap - exactly what we need during the approaching cold winter days and nights.

The color of the Didymos Old Standard 1975 Gold with wool  is bright yellow-orange with some orange-red inwovens. From the distance the wrap looks quite even, but a close look will reveal the slight contrast.

A joke which Russians will understand. Feel free to help me translate into English, or may be you know the analogy. :D

"Как говорит мой муж иногда: "Да! Я дикий мужчина - яйца, табак, перегар и щетина." Это про 1975 Голд.