Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Exclusive Girasols from Ukraine

The fans of the Girasol wraps have definitely heard about Girasol Mint and Girasol Blackberries - the exclusives of Slingopark, the Ukrainian store with baby wraps and carriers. Slingopark is the largest babywearing store in Ukraine carrying almost all popular brands of wraps and carriers. The store is managed by Nina in Kiev and has agents in all major cities of Ukraine. Alongside with babywearing products, Slingopark offers a good choice of cloths diapers, natural toys and breastfeeding accessories.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girasol Folia

One more exclusive Girasol we are expecting in September 2010 - Girasol Folia! Designed by the same babywearing mother who designed our exclusives Girasol Lilia and Girasol Betula. It's not a surprise in this case that Girasol Folia will be in the same style as our Girasol Betual, but with more colors. :)

Folia comes from the Latin "folium", which means "leaf". Girasol Folia was inspired by the beautiful fall, with it's amazing colors - brown, red, orange, yellow, green.

On the store site you can read some words from the desinger herself. She tells about her inspiration for our Girasol Folia.

Girasol Symphuo and Girasol Donau news

We expect new batches of Girasol Sympuo and Girasol Donau in the week of 28th of June in all sizes. Check the SlingoMama store for the new stock.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Calin Bleu draagdoeken in het assortiment van SlingoMama

Vanaf deze zomer zijn de Calin Bleu draagdoeken in het assortiment van SlingoMama. Calin Bleu is een dunne gauze draagdoek, ook bekend als de zomerdraagdoek.

Calin Bleu doeken komen in 2 lengtes - 4,60 meter en 5,20 meter. Meeste mensen en mensen met kleding maat t/m 44 kunnen alle knoopmethodes doen met 4,60 meter. Vanaf maat 46 raden wij 5,20 meter aan.

Friday, June 11, 2010

GIrasol Amitola: color Verde Oasis

Today is Friday, so I'm answering 1 question about one of the colors of Girasol Amitola and posting the picture.

Here it is: Verde Oasis

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Exclusive: Girasol Amitola

We are getting a new exclusive in August 2010 - Girasol Amitola. It's very exciting, he promises to be very unusual. I very much would like to post a swatch and ask what you guys think about it, but... I will not! :) Though, I'm ready to answer the questions. :) You can aks me "does Amitola have such and such color?" And I will reply "yes" if it does, and "no" if it does not. Let's see how long it takes before all the colors are known!

UPD: I will answer 1 question and post 1 picture of the color every week on Friday! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manduca Blue Velvet

Manduca heeft weer een nieuwe editie: Manduca Blue Velvet - slechts 3000 stuks. De klanten van SlingoMama mogen nu pre-orderen. De Manduca Blue Velvet is verwacht begin juli 2010.