Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Exclusive: Girasol Amitola

We are getting a new exclusive in August 2010 - Girasol Amitola. It's very exciting, he promises to be very unusual. I very much would like to post a swatch and ask what you guys think about it, but... I will not! :) Though, I'm ready to answer the questions. :) You can aks me "does Amitola have such and such color?" And I will reply "yes" if it does, and "no" if it does not. Let's see how long it takes before all the colors are known!

UPD: I will answer 1 question and post 1 picture of the color every week on Friday! :)


  1. Yes it does! Thank you. :) The picture will be posten in a moment.

  2. Thank you! It does have red as well. :)