Monday, January 17, 2011

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ddymos Nino overview

Nino red/pink

  • red

  • old red

  • rubin red

  • lachs

  • purpur

  • altrosa

  • strawberry

  • strawberry single lady

  • malve with wool

  • zyclam with wool

  • shafron honey with wool

Nino blue / purple

  • darkblue

  • old jeansblue

  • jeansblue

  • cobalt with wool

  • jeans single lady

  • lavendel

  • veilchenblau

  • pflaume

  • rose/violet

  • zyclam/violet

  • gold/violet

Nino green/brown/orange

  • tannegrun

  • sage

  • spring green

  • malahite

  • havana

  • chocolate

  • braun single lady

  • creamsicle

  • herbst (zimt)

Nino white/black/grey

  • antracite

  • nature cotton

  • nature silk

  • nature wool

  • sand with slinen

  • pink/grey

  • pearl/grey

  • messing

Nino blue/turqiouse

  • ocean

  • atalntic

  • steelblue

  • petrol

Didymos History 2004

In 2004 Didymos didn't have any limited editions, though somes desinges didn't stay long in the standard collection, for example, Red Bears.

In 2003 and 2004 Didymos sold 3 wraps with wool in standard collection: Katia, Lisa and Moritz. These designs were the first designs made with wool.

In 2004 the birds left the standard collection.

Blue leaves

Red Leaves

Red Bears


Red Waves

Acqua Waves

Grey Waves

Standard Blue (this design was named Nils earlier):

Standard Red

Standard Grey

The following three designes were sold as Limited Editions, but later became part of the standard collection.



Purple Waves

Information collected by Russian babywearing community Choosing Wrap.