Thursday, November 22, 2012

Didymos 1975 Gold with wool unboxing

Didymos Old Standard 1975 Gold with wool is made from 50 % cotton , 25% alpaca and 25% wool. The weight of the wrap is 255 gr/m2 which makes it a rather thick and heavy wrap. Size 6 hardly fits into the box and the cover of size 7 simply falls off. Right out of the box the wrap is hard and a bit scratchy. A proper wash on a gentle wool/silk program will tame the scratchy yarns and make it a wonderful heavy and wrap wrap - exactly what we need during the approaching cold winter days and nights.

The color of the Didymos Old Standard 1975 Gold with wool  is bright yellow-orange with some orange-red inwovens. From the distance the wrap looks quite even, but a close look will reveal the slight contrast.

A joke which Russians will understand. Feel free to help me translate into English, or may be you know the analogy. :D

"Как говорит мой муж иногда: "Да! Я дикий мужчина - яйца, табак, перегар и щетина." Это про 1975 Голд.

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