Friday, April 1, 2011

A tale from my childhood. Girasol Donau and Girasol Aurora.

Several of SlingoMama exclusive girasols have been desinged by me. Donau was the first one. I'd like to share with you the story of my Donau design.

As a child I was crazy about reading books. When I was little, my mother worked as a librarian and she took me and my sister to her work at the public library when there was nobody to stay with us at home. And that happend quite a lot, because my father was a military man and was often away.

I think I have read almost every book for children and later for juniors at the library where my mom worked. But most of all I was facinated by the folk tales from different countries.

I was geatly impressed by a tale about the river Donau and a girl, who was in love with some young man, but he didn't have mutual feelings for her. This girl came from time to time to sit along the banks of the Donau river and cried, her tears were falling into the river and Donau was trying to calm her with its waves and wash her sorrows away. One day she jumped into Donau and became a foam. She found happines this way, because she was free and could finally see the sun.

When the young man found out that the girl has jumped into Donau, he suddenly realized that he actualy loved her too and he jumped into Donau river as well, became a foam and joined his beloved. They didn't have human bodies, but they were happy together.

Now I don't know whether it's a sad story or not, but when I red this story as a child, it seemed to me as a story with a happy end and I was genuinly happy for the girl and the young man that they have found each other this way, even though they didn't have human bodies any more.

One day I had a Girasol chart in front of me and I combined together the blue, green and brown stripes and realized that they remind me the story from my childhood about the Donau river, the girl and the young man. This is how the Girasol Donau was born.

The funny thing is that I have never been near the Donau river. Though I very much hope I'll visit it some day.

Almost right away I knew that Donau would get a sister and that her name would be Aurora and that she will have“girly” colors. Aurora is a natural light display which occurs in the polar regions most of the time. I have never seen it, but this beautiful natural fenomenon seems amazing to me.

Donau river is a part of nature and I thought that his sister should be a part of nature as well. I hope to welcome her soon amd I hope that my customers will love her as much as they love Donau.


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