Saturday, February 14, 2009

Didymos Limited Editions 2008

January 2008

Nino Red

February 2008

Wellen Lind (became a regular model)



March 2008

Indio Flamingo

Pink Silk Millefiori

Blue Rabeneltern (for

Pinik Rabeneltern (for

April 2008

Silk Waves Light Blue

Silk Waves Acqua

Indio Cashmere

Indio Eis with linen

Indio Glacier

Indio Papaya

Indio Rubine-Mandarine (became a regular model)

Indio Pistasche

Indio Ziegelrot

May 2008

Indio Mandarine with linen

Indio Quartz with linen

Indio Rosenholtz with 50% linen

Indio Ziegel with linen

June 2008

Silk Rhombus blue (Chicago Conference edition)

Silk Rhombus Pink (Chicago Conference edition)

Art Deco (Chicago Conference edition)

Pink Silk Waves (Chicago Conference edition)
Red/Black Ellispen (Chicago Conference edition)

July 2008

Indio Roznequartz with linen

Ellipsen green/blue

Ellipsen green/dark blue

Ellipsen pink/green

Ellipsen orange/green

Nino Lachs

August 2008

September 2008

Wellen Cassis

Aare with wool (became standard model)

Katja with wool (became standard model)

Lilien Petrol

Indio Sonne-terra with wool

Indio Sonne-rot with wool

Standrad Red stripes (became standard model)

Fishies blue

Stopped producing Zimt/Cobalt and Nora

October 2008

Silk Indio (third edition)

Wellen Sinphonie

Fishies Black

Cashmere Silk Ellipsen

November 2008

Indio Zinnober with wool

Indio Blau with wool

Nino gold-violett

Nino rose-violett

Nino zylkame-violett

Lilien violett


Fishies petrol

Indio moss with wool

December 2008

Ellipsen choco nougat with wool

Nino shafran honey with wool

Fishies blue with wool

Indio Indigo

Indio Viola

Millefiori blue (re-edition)

Fishies acquarius

We have used the swatches from the official Didymos site. Some of the swatches (nino red, art deco) have been kindley offered by the Birdie's room web store where you can find a big selection of Didymos wraps and other nice products.

The chronology is provided by the Russian babywearing community "Choosing Wrap"

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