Monday, February 16, 2009

Didymos Limited Editions 2009

February 2009

Red Silk Birds

Indio Tuple

Indio Hibiscus

Ellipsen Choco (cotton, became a regular model)

Indio Cashmere Graphyte

Indio Cashmere Kupfer

Indio Scilla

Indio Primula

Silk Ellipsen Lavender

Ellipsen Toscana

March 2009

Indio Ficus with linen

Indio Amazonas with linen

Indio Eibe with 50% linen

Indio Chinablue with silk

Indio Rubine-Apricot with silk

Waves Green Mint with silk

Indio Ecru with linen

Indio Kiesel with linen

April 2009

Jim Rubin

Jim Petrol

Indio Lago with linen

Indio Purpur with linen


Jim Pink

Jim Stahlblau

Rabeneltern Purpur/Gray

May 2009

Fishes Petrol/Natur

Waves Brown/Natur

Jim Jade with linen

Stillen und Tragen Rubin with silk (not foto)
Silk-Chashmere Lilien (only 10 wraps produced)

Jim Turkis

Jim Zylkam

June 2009

Jim Anthrazite Powder

Lilies Rosenquartz

July 2009

Indio Kupfer 40% linen

Indio Zinc 50% linen

Perlboat papaya/black

Peurlboat perl/black

Indio Gold Nature

Indio Sand with 40% linen

Millefiori Gray with kapok 5%

Red Fishies - 5 wraps issued
Cashmere Silk Waves - 1 wrap issued

August 2009

Indio Brown Nature and Bjoern left the standard collection

Gecko's Gray

September 2009

Gecko's Black with linen

Blatter Natur

Gecko's Macchia

Gecko's Santuri

October 2009

Indio Wolle Natur (2nd release)

Gecko's Sahara with rami and silk

Fishies Sienna with 15% cashmere

Lilies Amethyst with 15% silk and 20% rami

Ellipsen Aida

Fishies Gold with linen

Nautilus Steingrau with 15% cashmere

November 2009

Lilies Lime with wool

Nachtswarmer with 40% linen

December 2009

Indio Eisblau (size 2 with fringe)

Wellen Allegro with wool

Snowflackes Purpur with wool

Snowflackes Himmelblau with wool

Vogel with wool

The chronology is provided by the Russian babywearing community "Choosing Wrap"

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