Friday, March 27, 2009

Didymos Limited Editions 2006

January 2006

Clouds (became standard model)

Jim became standard model

February 2006

Indio Krokus

March 2006

Indio Wilderose (re-issue)

Indio Havanna

Ellipses Black-Ecru became standard model

Ellipses Rubine-Mandarine became standard model

May 2006

Indio Lile

Indio Lilac

Indio Gingko

June 2006

Blue Jacquard became standard model

July 2006

Indio Sky

Indio Pine

Indio Karibik

Indio Koralle appeared in standard collection

Indio Gold with linen

Indio Ochre with linen

Indio Karibik with linen

August 2006

Indio Mineral

Indio Rosenquarz with linen

September 2006

Indio Ecru with linen

Rhombus Elisa became a standard model

Indio Mauve

Indio Mandarine

Indio Terracota (re-issue)

October 2006

Indio Atnrathit with wool

Indio Malve with wool

Nino Nature with wool

Indio Himbeer

Indio Cobalt with wool

Indio Malachite

November 2006

Indio Terra with wool

Indio Petrol

Indio Cassis

Tobi included again into standard collection

Indio Cobalt with wool

December 2006

Pink Bears with wool

Millefiori Blue

Red Birds

Nino Chocolate

Indio Antrathit with wool

Nino Malve with wool

Indio Red-White (new issue) included again into standard collection

Indio Red-Black included again into standard collection

Waves Sequoia

The chronology is provided by the Russian babywearing community "Choosing Wrap"

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