Saturday, March 28, 2009

Didymos Limited Editions 2007

January 2007

Indio Zimt/Cobalt with wool

February 2007

Wellen Holunder (Elder Flower)

Indio Ziegel

Chiara included into standard collection

March 2007

Simon (re-issue, included into standard collection)

April 2007

Indio Silver with linen

Indio Almond Flower

Indio Amethyst-Nature with linen

Indio Rosso with linen

Indio Lampone with linen

Indio Marmorgrau (Marble Gray) with linen

May 2007

Indio Azurblau with linen

Indio Steelblue with linen

Indio Junge with linen

Indio Mandarine with linen

Indio Lachs

Millefiori green-blue

Millefiori green

Millefiori green-white

Millefiori green-red

Indio Silk (50% silk)

Indio Laguna

June 2007

Indio Gold

Lena left standard collection

Wellen Holunder became standard model and replaced Wellen Aubergine ( )

Millefiori Stone

Indio Red-White and
Indio Red-Black left standard collection

July 2007

Karibik (two sided jacquard)

Hortensia (two sided jacquard)

Millefiori Silk Nature

Silk Nino Nature

Aare included into standard collection

Clouds left standard collection

August 2007

Indio Rotbuche with wool

Indio Lavendel

Indio Shiefer with wool

September 2007

Nino Petrol (re-issued in November 2007)

Nino Nature included into standard collection

Indio Zimt/Cobalt (cotton) included into standard collection

Nino Havanna

Nino Ziclam with wool

Blue Bears and
Lisa with wool left standard collection

Nino Atlantic

October 2007

Nino Lachs

Nino Nature with wool

November 2007

Indio Sepia

Pfau Black-White (re-issue, 35 years of Didymos)

Pfau Violet-White

Nino Ocean

December 2007

Ellipsen Laguna

Rabeneltern Black-Gray

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